Q  Who is DekorCote?

A  DekorCote is the American affiliate of DekorGrip, (DekorGrip.com) one of the England’s largest stone and resin suppliers.  We have gained years of their research and trials, which means more than you may think, as the UK has a much more developed market in the resin and stone industry. This has helped us to offer a more advanced system for a better price than our competition.


Q  Where can Dekorcote be applied?

A  Most anywhere!  Our premium product bonds itself to asphalt, tile, tileboard, and concrete.  Keep in mind that DekorCote, as well as all epoxy stone systems, are only as good as the surface you apply them to.  A severely broken and cracked surface would truthfully be a waste of money to DekorCote.  All that aside, DekorCote is probably the best way there is to bring new life to an old surface.


Q  Why does DekorCote not apply a protective topcoat?

A  The protective topcoat that our competitors apply the following day of the stone installation is merely a try to make a faulty product work.  We are the only company in the United States using a 3-part polyurethane resin to bind our stone.  The result is a more durable and less brittle product that will hold up to nearly anything. See the link on the next line below for more details.

The Difference Between Polyurethane and Epoxy Stone Binders


Q  What will happen to my concrete expansion joints?

A  The expansion joints will still be there.  We make sure not to cover them up in order for the concrete base to perform properly.  We do have multiple options available for these joints and will gladly explain them.


Q  Does DekorCote require any maintenance?

A  Yes, but very little!  Regular cleaning with a mop and warm water or wet-dry vac will keep the surface in like-new condition!