DekorCote is a great alternative for almost any application. See it in action here. Check back often as we are always adding new images.


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DekorCote’s non-slip grip and natural beauty instantly revamps any indoor or outdoor pool deck by providing both a safe and eye-catching surrounding!


Paths and walkways are some of our favorite places to DekorCote. Unlike our competition, our product will adhere to asphalt as well as concrete. Our own exclusive, 3-part resin has proved itself to firmly bond time and time again!


Apartment Walkway

High traffic areas are not a problem for our epoxy resin and stone. And with quick installation time, plus the advantage of our product not needing a topcoat a few days later, you save hassle and money!


We truly believe one of the best and most fitting places to DekorCote is the patio! Not to mention cost effective! With our wide variety of colors we can blend a mix to match almost any theme.

Garage Floors

Garage floors are a popular place for epoxy resin and stone floors for a good reason. This surface will retain its striking look unaffected by gas, oil, salt, or whatever type of grime your garage floor will encounter.


DekorCote performs wonderfully on ramps, or any surface, where extra traction is needed. Besides using the correct ratio of resin to stone, we integrate sand into our blend for sure grip. Additionally the surface get topped with a fine layer of crushed glass insuring the industry’s highest non-slip standards.